Guide TO MOUNT BATUR dawn trekking IN BALI

batur trekking guide

Bali is an island packed with exquisite nature that has heaps of adventurous souls flocking to its seashores. One of those adventures starts offevolved vivid and early and includes hiking up an active volcano, Mount Batur.

The Mount Batur sunrise hiking excursion is on many travelers bucket lists, and after analyzing this put up, with a bit of luck it will likely be on yours as properly!

Approximately mount batur trekking guide
Mount Batur is placed inside the Kintamani District at the island of Bali in Indonesia. It’s an active volcano which final erupted in the year 2000.

Sitting at 1 717 m (five 600 toes) above sea degree, the height of Mount Batur offers beautiful perspectives of Lake Batur as well as any other volcano, Mount Agung.

Mount Agung has lately been making headlines due to its volcanic pastime so live up to date with this before you arrive. On a clean day, you may see Mount Agung from anywhere on the island, no matter where you travel in Bali.

Mount Batur is located north east of Bali. The drive takes approximately 1h20min from Ubud and you’ll want to add an additional half-hour if you’re visiting from Kuta or Seminyak.

Transport will be protected to your tour fee and there are pick out-up places all through Bali.

If you’re staying in Ubud, be sure to read this submit on other things to do in the area.

Mount Batur sunrise trek
Taking part in a few boiled eggs and espresso on the top of Mount Batur

MOUNT BATUR difficulty
The most hard part of hiking Mount Batur become getting out of my heat bed to assignment out into the dark at 2am.

We stopped to grab a chew to eat on the way earlier than starting our trek at 4am. It’s now not a awesome awaken name, that’s for certain!

Particularly when you start wondering why you positioned yourself thru this when you’re on holiday – a time to loosen up and recover.

Mount Batur dawn hiking excursions start in whole darkness. You walk through fields and forests on a path laden with volcanic rock.

The hike to the height of Mount Batur takes about 2 hours and getting backpedal will take you the equal amount of time.

The trek itself is a mild climb as a way to have you breaking right into a sweat. In case you’re pretty energetic you shouldn’t discover the Mount Batur hike too hard.

I also hiked the best volcano on Flores Island and i hate to interrupt it to you, but Mount Batur changed into a chunk of cake whilst in comparison to Mount Inerie!

Mount Batur trouble
The steep climb changed into all worth it for those perspectives
MOUNT BATUR problem: THE trekking route
The hiking direction to the pinnacle of Mount Batur is a hectic one! You’ll have climbers of all fitness stages in the front and in the back of you – walk at your personal pace and you’ll be best.

I used to be determined to make it to the height in time to look at the sunrise, so I stepped it up a notch. But I paid for it the next day after I should slightly circulate as my body become so stiff!

Due to the fact Mount Batur is a volcano, there are big chunks of rock anywhere with lose floor and uneven paths which grow to be steeper the better you pass.

Be cautious now not to lose your footing, as I did! It’s not a totally gracious fall and you may truely harm your self.

Mountaineering MOUNT BATUR without A guide
Yes, it’s possible to hike Mount Batur without a manual, however I don’t endorse it. Why?

1) trekking with a guide makes it that much less difficult and handy for you. You’re fetched out of your inn, given full details, and are shown wherein to head.

2) You’ll also meet different human beings on your group who’ll maximum probable proportion a common hobby for journey. As always, that is my preferred element approximately travelling!

3) i’ve examine severa tales of vacationers being burdened by touts in the event that they do now not use a guide. This can spoil your enjoy so alternatively avoid this and e-book your Mount Batur hike through a excursion organisation.

Mount Batur trekking price
Our trekking group – Mount Batur in the history
MOUNT BATUR hiking fee
Tour operators can be discovered on every avenue nook in Bali. You’ll don’t have any problems booking your Mount Batur sunrise trip and you may negotiate appropriate deals.

The Mount Batur hiking charge is between $25-$35 in keeping with character for a budget excursion inside a big group. Private trekking options are more luxurious and tours range from $55-$70 in keeping with man or woman.

This quantity is dependent on in which in Bali you want to be picked up from. Make certain to affirm what exactly is covered to your tour inclusive of a headlamp, water, and breakfast.

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WHAT TO put on while hiking MOUNT BATUR
Wear layers. Believe me, while you first begin the trek, it’s chilly!

As you’re making your manner up the volcano to the pinnacle of Mount Batur, the temperature gets warmer and whilst the sun in the end appears, you’ll be hot and sweaty.

Hiking boots aren’t important however I advocate you to put on relaxed trainers.

Trekking Mount Batur in Bali
Mount Agung hidden by the clouds
WHAT TO percent in your MOUNT BATUR sunrise TREK
Cap and shades.
Headlamp: maximum Mount Batur hiking excursions set up a headlamp for you but don’t take it for granted that they will. But, even without a headlamp, you’ll be great as absolutely everyone round you may have.
Snacks: Breakfast may be included in your trekking expenses, but affirm this. Our tour stopped on route to Mount Batur where we had a mild snack at 3am earlier than attaining the bottom of the volcano. A few agencies provide meals at the summit instead.
Money: Boiled eggs and espresso are sold at the peak of Mount Batur. It’s slightly greater high priced than you would discover some place else in Bali, but by the point you attain the summit, you will have worked up a huge urge for food.
Water: bring at the least 2 liters. When you descend Mount Batur, it will be scorching hot and also you’ll need to stay hydrated.
Water resistant jacket: The climate may be unpredictable so when you have a raincoat, ensure you p.C. It in.
Mount Batur peak
Mount Batur is an active volcano with its ultimate recorded eruption in 2000
Some people pick out to stop at the new springs close to Mount Batur or go to a coffee plantation earlier than heading back to their hotel in Bali.

Whilst this does make feel as it’s en course, I couldn’t think of some thing worse!

After our Mount Batur sunrise trek i was tired, grimy and hungry. I handled myself to a hot shower, a delicious meal and some cocktails observed via a remarkable afternoon nap!

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Final thoughts ON trekking MT BATUR sunrise trekking
The early morning awaken name is so well worth the stunning views you’ll get from the height of Mount Batur.

The exercise was a lot wanted after I’d spent the past week overindulging within the delicious Indonesian cuisine (and cocktails!) in