Experience with Mount Batur Trekking Without a Guide

mount batur sunrise trekking tour

In Batur Village, Kintamani Bali, there is an active volcano named Mount Batur. Its height, which is roughly 1717 meters above sea level, is well-known to both domestic and foreign tourists. In most cases, people go mountain climbing to see the sunrise. You can now experience trekking on Mount Batur provide by https://mountbatursunrisetrekkingtour.com/

Additionally, excellent Mount Batur climbing packages are now available at a variety of price points to suit your needs. A lifetime of great memories may undoubtedly be created through climbing Mount Batur.
In addition, the breathtaking scenery you will encounter at the peak will help you recover from your ascent.

Not to add that the sunrise, which can revive our eyes, can be seen when we reach the summit.
recommendations for climbing Mount Batur without a guide
in order to be able to offer convenience, safety, and security. Today, a variety of Mount Batur tour guide companies offer the opportunity to trek on the mountain.

Additionally, it may be done without using a guide for those of you who prefer not to.
Perhaps there are a number of crucial pointers for climbing Mount Batur without a guide. Here are some advices:

  1. Complete and thorough planning
    Although Mount Batur is a straightforward climb, you still need to take the proper precautions before beginning. Try to determine the tools and tools you require. Additionally, before starting the ascent, psychologically get ready.
    A flashlight, mountain boots, waterproof jacket, stick, gloves, or beanie hats are among the items that are typically necessary to have. Of course, you need to pack a tiny burner or a thermos of hot water when it comes to food supplies.
  2. Invite companions who are seasoned Mount Batur climbers.
    If you are with someone who has experience in their industry, your Mount Batur trekking trip will seem safer. If you bring your friends and family, climbing is now enjoyable.
    Naturally, you can voice your objections while ascending the mountain by inviting them. Additionally, there will undoubtedly be risks involved if you climb alone. It may be lost and unsure of whom to turn to for assistance.
    You can now, however, bring along at least one acquaintance who has scaled Mount Batur if you ascend without a guide. Therefore, your acquaintance is knowledgeable enough about Mount Batur to be able to steer clear of numerous undesirable items.
  3. Examine the hiking routes
    when you attempt to go on a Mount Batur trek without a guide. You should become knowledgeable about the hiking trails. So that you may navigate the climb without a guide, you will subsequently understand how to do so.
    It’s a good idea to start looking for details about the extras of Mount Batur’s hiking paths right away. You can now question your loved ones who have scaled the mountain.
  4. Don’t just disregard taboos.
    The other mountains share a similar situation. Naturally, Mount Batur has a number of taboos of its own that you cannot break in the future. One prevalent taboo is that women should postpone climbing plans while they are on their period. When it’s finished, you can go there another day.
    In addition, there are typically another 10 taboos that you need to be aware of. You are at least aware of one Batur Mountain taboo.

That was a succinct summary of the experience of mount batur sunrise trekking tour without a guide. But if you’re still a beginner, you ought to choose to use guide services. Because there are many risks involved in ascending the mountain.

Therefore, you must thoroughly prepare everything before beginning the climbing procedure. Why wait when you can experience the thrill of ascending Mount Batur and viewing the stunning dawn from the summit?