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This indicates grade level based totally on the phrase’s complexity.

This suggests grade degree based on the word’s complexity.

food and drink considered in terms of its characteristics, composition, and its effects on fitness: Milk is a healthful article of food plan.

a selected choice of meals, particularly as designed or prescribed to improve a person’s bodily situation or to prevent or treat a disease: a diet low in sugar.

this kind of choice or a issue on the amount a person eats for decreasing weight:No pie for me, I’m on a weight loss program.

the foods eaten, as by means of a selected man or woman or institution: The local weight loss plan includes fish and fruit.

meals or feed habitually eaten or furnished: The rabbits have been fed a weight loss plan of carrots and lettuce.

something this is habitually provided or partaken of: Television has given us a constant eating regimen of sport indicates and cleaning soap operas.

verb (used with item), di·et·ed, di·et·ing.

to modify the food of, specifically with a purpose to enhance the physical condition.

verb (used without item), di·et·ed, di·et·ing.

to pick or restrict the food one eats to enhance one’s physical circumstance or to lose weight: I’ve dieted all month and lost handiest one pound.

to eat or feed in keeping with the requirements of a weight loss program.

appropriate for intake with a weight-discount weight loss program; dietetic: weight loss plan tender drinks.

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1175–1225;(noun) Middle English diete

di·et·er, nounnon·di·et·er, nounnon·di·et·ing, adjective, nounWords close by eating regimen

dies non, die stamping, diester, diestock, diestrus, diet, nutritional, nutritional amenorrhea, nutritional fiber, dietary fibre, nutritional lawOther definitions for weight loss program (2 of two)

the legislative frame of sure countries, as Japan.

the general meeting of the estates of the former Holy Roman Empire.Origin of diet

1400–50; past due Middle English UnabridgedBased at the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2022How to apply weight-reduction plan in a sentence

He trains like a professional athlete in some other game, with early-morning gym periods, a eating regimen of healthy foods and all-day practice.

Rather than revamp the enterprise, these critics propose alternatives consisting of meat-unfastened diets to meet our need for protein.

In some instances, bacteria should even use those electrons to gasoline boom in a lot the same manner that human beings use electrons from carbohydrates inside the food plan for strength.

As a photograph of the dino’s diet, the intestine contents “can inform us greater about dinosaur conduct,” Chin says.

Some of the records that scientists have approximately dinosaur diets comes from coprolites.

Park personnel helped John end tobacco via manner of a butts-evidence glass enclosure, a drastic change in diet, and everyday exercise.

There turned into also the grapefruit food plan, the cabbage soup food regimen, and the cookie food regimen.

Still other people have moved away from the phrase “weight-reduction plan” altogether.

Limbaugh makes comments like this due to the fact his proper-wing lovers require a non–prevent food regimen of race-baiting red meat.

“Butter has continually been a wholesome part of the food plan in nearly every culture; butter is a conventional meals,” Asprey says.

Excretion of these substances is significantly increased by a weight-reduction plan wealthy in nuclei, as sweetbreads and liver.

I’m now not enamored of a straight meat weight-reduction plan most commonly, however that evening I turned into in no temper to carp at anything half of-manner eatable.

The stools of toddlers are yellow, owing in part to their milk food regimen and partly to the presence of unchanged bilirubin.

The terrible fellow’s health so gave way under this meagre weight loss program, that he died before his direction of observe was completed.

“I do not assume any Frenchman is given to cannibalistic eating regimen,” he responded, smiling.British Dictionary definitions for weight loss plan (1 of two)

noun a specific allowance or choice of meals, esp prescribed to control weight or in disorders wherein positive meals are contraindicateda salt-loose food plan; a 900-calorie eating regimen (as modifier)a food regimen bread

the foods and drinks that someone or animal frequently consumesa weight loss program of nuts and water

everyday activities or occupations

(usually intr) to follow or reason to observe a nutritional regimenDerived varieties of weight loss program

dieter, nounWord Origin for diet

C13: from Old French diete, from Latin diaeta, from Greek diaita mode of dwelling, from diaitan to direct one’s personal lifeBritish Dictionary definitions for weight loss program (2 of two)

(every now and then capital) a legislative meeting in various international locations, along with Japan

Also called: Reichstag (sometimes capital) the assembly of the estates of the Holy Roman Empire

Scots regulation the date fixed by using a courtroom for listening to a case a single session of a courtWord Origin for weight-reduction plan

C15: from Medieval Latin diēta public meeting, in all likelihood from Latin diaeta food regimen 1 but associated with Latin diēs day

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A prescribed path of consuming and consuming wherein the quantity and sort of food, in addition to the times at which it’s miles to be taken, are regulated for healing purposes.

Reduction of caloric consumption so one can lose weight.

To consume and drink in step with a regulated gadget, specially so one can shed pounds or control a medical situation.

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