4 Travel Tips to Bali for a Safe Vacation

4 Travel Tips to Bali for a Safe Vacation A la Baliventur

Vacationing to Bali is the dream of many people. This destination, which is called heaven on earth, has many interesting places and natural phenomena. Trip packages such as Bali ventur provide trip services to interesting places in Bali.

That is what makes Bali crowded with tourists. Although this is good, crowded places are also prone to jeopardizing the security and safety of visitors.

Here are tips for a safe vacation in Bali

Safe Holiday Tips in Bali
There are several things you can do.

  1. Not Carrying Much Cash
    Cash in bags is prone to pickpocketing. The solution is you can use the cashless method. This method is also suitable for tourist destinations that are already crowded with visitors and have complete facilities.
    That way you can just use a debit card, credit card, or ATM. If you have to carry cash, make sure to bring enough cash.
  2. Practice Negotiation When Buying Souvenirs
    Buying at tourist attractions will be very reasonable if the seller starts to increase prices, especially for tourists who are not native Balinese.
    Therefore you have to be good at negotiating prices when buying souvenirs at markets or Bali souvenir centers. Apart from that, you can also learn a bit of the local language.
  3. Respect Local Customs
    Don’t forget to uphold local customs while respecting the rules in the area you visit.
    Bali is very thick with tradition and there are several places that are sacred. Make sure you have researched what you can and can’t do in Bali.
  4. Rent a Vehicle to Get Around
    Exploring Bali is easier if you use a private vehicle. Although there is public transportation, it usually does not reach all destinations.

You can rent a vehicle either car or motorcycle. If you use a vacation package, you usually already get a vehicle and driver.
Make sure you only choose holiday packages at Baliventur which provide complete tour packages with vehicles without the hassle. That way you can vacation safely in Bali. Happy holidays.